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Jeff Bezos sold nearly 12 million Amazon shares

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Jeff Bezos sold nearly 12 million Amazon shares. The selloff was worth more than $2 billion and there is more to come.

Finland elected its next president. Preliminary results show that center-right candidate Alexander Stubb will come out on top and become the NATO newbie’s 13th leader.

Moody’s downgraded Israel’s credit rating. The country’s finance minister claimed the decision was politically motivated, while the agency said the war in Gaza could adversely affect the country’s economy.

The UK is making plans to revive its nuclear energy fleet. The government wants to take over a plant site in Wales and is seeking a private partner to make a station there, according to the Financial Times.

Disney+ and Hulu have a villain in piracy

Streaming was supposed to kill media piracy. But offering subscribers access to thousands of movies, films, TV shows, and songs all ad-free for a relatively low monthly fee hasn’t hampered the pirates—in fact, a new report found that piracy is on the rise.

As piracy shoots up, streamers’ subscriber bases are dropping. Services like Disney+ and Hulu are steadily losing customers, with paid subscriptions down by as much as 7%.

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Graphic: Quartz

Quartz’s Bruce Gil looked at how piracy is affecting the streaming giants.

The Black innovators that shaped the US economy

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Illustration: Laura Bratton (Canva), Photos: Colorado Encyclopedia, National Park Service, National Inventors Hall of Fame

Many American historians and education experts agree that K-12 schools’ history curricula too often highlight stories of trauma and oppression, even during Black History Month. While important, they say, it’s equally significant to bring the accomplishments and achievements of Black Americans to the forefront.

One of those experts—Nafeesa Muhammad, a professor of history at Spelman College in Atlanta—told Quartz that learning the contributions of Black innovators “provides a more comprehensive understanding of African American history” and how the modern-day American economy was formed.

We compiled a list of Black entrepreneurs throughout American history. Read through it here.

Quotable: Why marketers pay $7 million for Super Bowl ads

“You pay for a Super Bowl ad once, but you get free viewership, media coverage, and chatter on social media for free. This increased chatter and media coverage starts before the Super Bowl and continues over several days after the Super Bowl.” —Jura Liaukonyte, a professor of marketing at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business, in an interview with Quartz about the unique communal event the ads create.

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