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Industrial Machinery Repair/Aftermarket Services Market was estimated at

PUNE, India, May 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — New Report – “Industrial Machinery Repair/Aftermarket Services Market, 2024 – 2034” published by Market Decipher shows faster growth in repair and aftermarket services across industries. All three sectors B2C, B2B and B2G are simultaneously growing in demand for such services favoured by higher adherence to standards on machinery maintenance in industries in developing countries too. Digitalization can be a new trend that providers must tap into as early as possible to build to customer acquisition and communication network.

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The importance of aftermarket services cannot be overstated in manufacturing and industrial sectors. As the number of installed bases grows, there’s a corresponding surge in demand for repair services, driven by both awareness of maintenance needs and regulatory requirements. Studies indicate that the profit margins in repair services far surpass those in product sales within industries. This presents a largely untapped revenue stream for industrial equipment companies, potentially amounting to billions of dollars.

Profit margins in aftermarket services can be up to four times higher than in equipment sales, making them a lucrative area of focus. Moreover, targeting sales efforts becomes more evident as services are typically sold to a known installed base, resulting in higher ROI and quicker impact compared to new equipment sales.

The industry is transitioning towards digitalization, with pioneers leveraging digital and analytics to enhance every aspect of the commercial ecosystem, including sales and distribution networks. While the B2C segment has long embraced ecommerce, the B2B segment is swiftly following suit. On average, the EBIT margin for aftermarket services stands at 27%, significantly higher than the 11% for new equipment.

Pursuing growth through aftermarket services provides a direct route to new revenue streams. By refining their aftermarket service strategies, companies can leverage their existing portfolio and installed base, utilizing customer data to segment and prioritize leads effectively.

Key Areas Explored in Research

•  Understanding the New Growth Wave

•  Growth in Service Margin/Profits

•  Sustainability in Service Industry

•  Impact of Service Engineers/Local Service Companies 

•  Quality Improvement/Customer Feedback

•  Analysis on Installed Base Vs Service Requirement

•  Importance of Ground Level Interaction

•  Key application areas of growth

•  Demand from APAC countries

•  Analysis on offsite and onsite repairs

•  Impact and Necessity of Digitalization

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Industrial Machinery Repair/Aftermarket Services Market

Type Analysis (Revenue, USD Million, 2024 – 2034)

•  Repair Services

•  Ball…

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