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How Cryptocurrency Sponsorships Are Revolutionizing the Sports Industry

As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream adoption, the sports industry is embracing this digital revolution through innovative sponsorships. These ‘crypto sponsorships’ are transforming the landscape, providing sports teams with access to a global audience and offering fans unique opportunities to engage with digital currencies.

Prominent crypto brands are now acquiring naming rights for sports franchises and maintaining a constant presence through advertisements during games. A notable example is, which secured the naming rights for the stadium of NBA giants, the Los Angeles Lakers, now known as the Arena.

The synergy between sports and crypto firms like Binance, Tezos, FTX, and is opening new revenue streams and enhancing fan engagement in the cryptocurrency sector. As digital currency becomes increasingly significant in the sports industry, more crypto businesses are sponsoring events and teams, merging the domains of digital currency and sports.

This trend has also impacted sports betting, with many betting businesses now accepting cryptocurrencies. According to top tipster Kate Richardson, “The adoption of crypto assets in the betting industry has remarkably improved the revenue of bookie sites, and the signs are showing we can expect more growth and acceptance in the foreseeable future.” For the best sports betting tips, you can check out MightyTips – the best sports tips for today, where successful tipsters like Kate Richardson offer their recommendations.

Sports and crypto technology combine to provide a plethora of opportunities that have the potential to completely transform not just the spectator experience but also sports funding and administration. Let’s check out some of the major crypto brands and the deals they have offered:


North America, Europe, South America, and Africa are seeing notable advancements in sports sponsorship from Binance. The largest cryptocurrency exchange is one of the crypto companies that has intentionally linked its brand to a variety of sports entities, such as the Serie A and the Africa Cup of Nations.

Binance has a strong foothold in Italian football, with its collaboration with Serie A giant, S.S. Lazio. The brand is also visible in Formula 1, as it is one of the main sponsors of the BWT F1 Team.


Collaborating with the New York Mets, Tezos, a crypto exchange platform has broken into the sports sponsorship space and strengthened its brand’s association with Major League Baseball in the United States.

This brand is also visible in English Football. It is the official sponsor of Manchester United’s training kit. Formula One racing teams Red Bull Racing Honda and McLaren Racing are also among the other noteworthy entities collaborating with Tezos.

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With sponsorships on many different domains, has grown to become a major player in the world market. The brand’s global reach includes…

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